Casa Monika was awarded for the 4th time in succession with 4 stars. The romantically lain Bed and Breakfast, at the edge of the capital Berlin, was opened 2001 and is equipped with modern, cosy rooms.

That loving, privately cared house convinces in every respects and meets even demanding desires, also as regards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Smoke-free Area

+49 (0)3322 / 21 99 45
+49 (0)3322 / 50 66 890
Germany 14612 Falkensee near Berlin, Emsstrasse 7
BERLIN and its Area

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Casa Monika
Tarifs for Berlin
(Tarif Berlin AB - only Down Town -)
valid for 1 Adult + 3 Children 6-14 years
Small Tarif Overview for Berlin Down Town
Standard Tarif AB (Adults) (May 2018)

Single Ticket 2,80 Euro
Day Ticket 7,00 Euro
7-Days Ticket 30,00 Euro
• 48 Hours for € 19,90
• 72 Hours for € 28,90
• 4 Days for € 33,50
    (May 2018)
Berlin and Potsdam
(Tarif Berlin ABC, including Falkensee and Airports)
valid for 1 Adult + 3 Children 6-14 years
Small Tarif Overview for Berlin
Standard Tarif ABC (Adults) (May 2018)

Single Ticket 3,40 Euro
Day Ticket 7,70 Euro
7-Days Ticket 37,50 Euro
• 48 Hours for € 22,90
• 72 Hours for € 30,90
• 4 Days for € 35,90
    (May 2018)
You reach our
in Falkensee
from Station Berlin Zoo by

RE 2
RB 10
Direction Nauen / Wismar

Station "Finkenkrug"
Pick Up Service

You travel by Train, Bus,
Air Plane
we pick you up
Central Bus Station,
Airport TEGEL,
Station Finkenkrug,

From 5 Overnight Stays even free!
The Wall Museum
House at Checkpoint Charlie
The 19 years old C. Schumann jumps over the barbed wire border from East to West Berlin
City Train & Underground Network - click here
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KaDeWe belogs to Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial Church und der TV Tower. Vice versa the "Berliner Luft" (Berlin Air), Parisian Smell and the special flair of the metropolis form the Image of this house. KaDeWe is the largest department store on the European Continent. A special assortment and the spectacular presentation of goods make the purchase at KaDeWe to an unusual experience. A visit is Must for everyone, who wants to have seen Berlin.

Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin

With the WelcomeCard you get 25% Reduction, for Children even 50%, at the advanced booking cash of the Friedrichstadt-Palast. Reductions are valid for price groups 1-4. Special prices are not reduction-entitled. Valid fom Tuesday until Thursday 20 o'clock, Saturday and Sunday 16 o'clock, not on holidays.

Berlin TV Tower
with its rotary Restaurant-Ball
at Federal Highway No. 5

Here you can buy latest Designer Fashion at

reduced Prices

Berlin Nightlife


(Memorial Church)
Heinrich Zille ''School''
Berlin "Klops" Story
Ick sitz an' Tisch und esse Klops.
Uff eenmal klopts.
Ick kieke, staune, wundre mir.
Uff eenmal jeht se uff, die Tür!
Nanu, denk ick, ick denk nanu.
Jetz is se uff, erst war se zu.
Ick jehe raus und kieke.
Und wer steht draußen? - Icke.